Twitter automation - How-to

pdf Setup Guide

Empty Social Media Automat Account
Add a new twitter account to Social Media Automat
Start by ajusting the tweet times
Configure the time zone
...and enter the alife-times
Continue by defining the different posting and follow limits min and max tweets per hour...
...maximum tweeps to follow...
... how to handly #FollowFriday...
... and the language you want Social Media Automat to use for automated following.
Now enter your keywords
You have different options - just like with the original Twitter search engine.
This is the most important part: the feed setup
Choose the feed item select mode
...and the feed type
Decide which url-shortener you want to use
Tiny url works as default without any additional login credentials.
Finaly you can optionally enter your own twitter api credentials
You can get the consumer key and secret from the twitter api page

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